How to quickly overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome even if you you’ve tried everything else and failed!

The unfortunate reality is that most people experiencing paruresis have developed destructive coping mechanisms that prevent them from ever overcoming this condition.

A secretive problem

Here’s the problem you face: Even the thought that other people may be in close proximity to you while attempting to pass urine, seems to stop you from physically being able to relieve yourself.

It doesn’t matter how desperately you need to ‘go’, the close proximity to others or simply being subject to a sense of urgency is enough to prevent you from relieving yourself.

Wether it is a quiet restroom, dividers between urinals, floor to ceiling cubicle doors, it is as though you need a set of ‘conditions’ to be met before being able to perform the bodily function of passing urine.

shy bladder syndrome

The chains of paruresis suck..

Whilst not a terminal illness, paruresis can sometimes feel like a life sentence. It can interfere with your relationships, vacations, career, studies, hobbies, road trips…your entire life.

Unfortunately, most people carrying the emotionally draining burden of paruresis, let this condition limit their entire lives.

What kind of a life is it to have to keep:

Purposefully drinking less, not being able to enjoy a drink and getting thirsty instead

Leaving social gatherings early or walking a long distance in search of a ‘safe’ restroom

Painfully holding it in for hours at a time before excusing yourself to a quiet restroom

Refusing to go on road trips or vacations and reminiscing over the missed opportunities

Not being fully present with those around you because this condition is consuming you and keeping you from simply being yourself.

Not being able to focus fully at work and having to sacrifice parts of your career or studies

Feeling a sense of crippling embarrassment

Feeling drained and exhausted of overthinking all the time.

You CAN successfully overcome paruresis and get your life back

The good news is that Shy Bladder Syndrome can absolutely be treated. In fact, many people have already done so. 

A simple change in your environment (e.g. someone walking into the restroom) can be interpreted by your sympathetic nervous system as a threat and in turn, various bodily changes automatically take place, all in an attempt to ‘protect’ you.

Ask yourself this, what happens when you are scared? Your sympathetic nervous system shocks you into a state of ‘fight or flight’. The involuntary release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol will cause your heart rate to go up, breathing rate quickens and muscles tense (often including the internal urinary sphincter).

Some people with Shy Bladder Syndrome may have had a traumatic experience that caused them to make this association between passing urine in public spaces with a sense of vulnerability.

This may have been an event as innocuous as someone making a passing comment comment like ‘well that was loud’ when hearing your stream in the restroom. Others may have no recollection of a particular event that triggered their bashful bladder.

From an evolutionary perspective, paruresis appears to be a useful bodily response. During hunter-gatherer times thousands of years ago, men and women had to pass urine in nature, exposed to a variety of wild and dangerous animals as well as rival tribes. 

Back then, the sub-conscious belief that passing urine made you vulnerable to attack may have saved lives by influencing people to find a ‘safe’ place.

In today’s day and age, this ‘threat’ is no longer valid. Instead, paruresis is an un-serving belief that your brain has wrongly exacerbated. So how do we unlearn this unconscious association?

Firstly, you must realise that most people are reinforcing their paruresis without even knowing about it. You see, the more you ‘practice’ it, the worse it gets.

Every time you even think about how you ‘froze’ up and were physically unable to pass urine the last time you attempted to do so in a public restroom, you are firing a neural pathway that consolidates the link between the action and the result (i.e. attempting to pass urine in public and consequently being embarrassed by being unable to void).

It is a vicious feedback loop of thoughts, behaviours and reactions that only strengthens the anxious response.

They key to overcoming your paruresis is therefore to replace the conditioned response of anxiety with an automatic response of calmness and confidence to the thought of voiding in crowded environments.

Introducing the Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint

The Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint is a bundle of videos, worksheets, guides and audio content all designed to help you crush paruresis ASAP so that you can stop coping and start thriving. The content in the blueprint provides you with a granular step by step breakdown into how you can crush paruresis.

  • 15+ videos
  • 9+ hours of video content
  • Video summary sheets
  • 5 pdf worksheets
  • 3 booklets
  • 1 audio file
  • 10 week personal email support
  • Group chat community on Telegram
  • 15+ videos
  • 9+ hours of video content
  • Video summary sheets
  • 5 pdf worksheets
  • 3 booklets
  • 1 audio file
  • 10 week personal email support

What's inside Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint:

Self auditing

Get access to the self-auditing template to keep track of your progress and quickly course-correct in the case some ‘troubleshooting’ may be required.

Mindset upgrade

‘Rule your mind or it will rule you’ – Horace. This is a guide designed to help you reframe your current situation, let go of the ‘paruretic’ identity and develop a relentlessly tough mental blueprint to crush paruresis in less time than you think.

Under the hood

Dissect shy bladder syndrome to learn about the evolutionary background of paruresis as well as the physical manifestation of this syndrome. Gain an understanding of why it is that so many people have contracted the inability to pass urine in public.


Meditation tutorial and tracking worksheet so you can start building emotional resilience which means you will be more comfortable and calm in even attempting to pass urine in what you previously thought were ‘high stress’ environments.

Heart Rate Variability

Uncover a range of techniques demonstrated to increase heart rate variability (this is a good thing!) so that you can successfully pass urine with greater ease which means you’ll be able to get on with your day without having to think about paruresis all the time.

Mental feedback loops

Do you often worry and get anxious about ‘misfires’ before they even happen? These future-based thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Learn to hack and reverse these anguish-causing feedback loops to help you kiss paruresis goodbye.


Desensitise yourself from your current ‘stress’ environments and let go of the conditioned response that is paruresis. This blueprint guides through the steps involved and how to set desensitisation objectives.

No buddy, no problem

A guide on how to overcome shy bladder syndrome without a desensitisation ‘buddy’.

Breath-hold explained

Internet forums are rife with various different theories about the breath-hold technique. Some swear by it while others claim it is bogus. Look into the science behind this technique and determine wether it can help you get a ‘confident’ bladder.

Protocol reviews

Which interventions work and which are scams? Does brainwave entrainment work? What is the science behind EMDR therapy and is it useful? What about neurofeedback, yay or nay? Can other forms of biofeedback help? 

Quick wins

This is a program designed to get you to start taking immediate actionable steps. Implement your learnings and start making progress right away.

Stand on giants' shoulders

Life becomes easier when we can absorb and act on the lessons of pioneers across history. Learn the lessons from William James, Maxwell Maltz, Albert Ellis, Patrick McKeown, Dr. Daniel Amen etc. and how these lessons can help you beat paruresis.

Visualisation and VR

A detailed discussion on how you can harness visualisation and virtual reality to speed up your progress. This is not the ‘law of attraction’, this is an exercise routine supported by clinical evidence. Harness your mind and lead a life of freedom.

Avoid common pitfalls

Video explaining the most common pitfalls people trip on that cause them to take much longer than they ought to, to achieve their goals. Identify the things to stay clear from in order to make your path to a paruresis-free life smoother.

Optimise your energy

It is no secret that those with boundless energy and enthusiasm often find their way to the finish line first. We reverse-engineered ‘enthusiasm’ down to simple but effective lifestyle factors and ‘hacks’ to boost your physiology and improve your mood and energy.

Habit cheatsheet

We are habitual creatures and find comfort in habits. Our habit building cheatsheet will allow you to make a routine out of the exercises in this program so that you can habitually follow the program without the need for motivation or willpower.

Knowledge trove

Get access to a repository of book titles and online knowledge sources that have helped an innumerable number of people improve their lives and achieve your goals. The best knowledge at your fingertips.


10 week reliable email support to guide you, support you and provide accountability every step of the way.

And more…

500+ happy customers

The BeatShyBladder Blueprint is built to help you:

Learn the science. Uncover the cause of paruresis. Understand how to stop exacerbating this condition and learn a science-backed approach to crushing this nightmare.

Develop a plan. Have you heard the saying, “if you fail to plan, to plan to fail”? We help you develop a plan that works without your permission.

Upgrade your beliefs. Learn to stop giving power to the past and past experiences will in turn stop having power over you.

Achieve results. Overcoming shy bladder is possible. Obtain the methods and put them to practice as soon as possible to start reaping the benefits.

Save time. Equipped with the right know-how, you can focus on what works and avoid hundreds of hours of trial and error and research by avoiding what doesn’t.

Elevate your health. From elevated moods and confidence, to decreased chances of contracting UTIs, beating paruresis will help you thrive physically and mentally.

A word from your instructor

There I stood at the urinal, wondering if anyone had noticed that I had been there ‘too long’. 

On one particular night out in college, the public restroom at the venue was crowded like I hadn’t ever seen before. It was rammed with people. There was no chance for me to relieve myself. 

I had to call it quits and leave what was otherwise a fun night out with my friends. Feeling annoyed and desperate, on my walk back to my dorm, I swore I would make it my mission to overcome this condition. I felt like I had no choice. Paruresis had interrupted too many fun moments, too many social events and outings. I was tired of having to hold it in for hours at a time. Paruresis had become physically and emotionally exhausting. 

So I pledged to myself to stop coping and start overcoming shy bladder syndrome at whatever cost.

Sure, over the coming months I still experienced ‘misfires’.

But I was immersed in learning all I could about anything I thought could potentially give me even the slightest edge.

As I embarked in this learning crusade, I experienced many embarrassing moments (mostly just in my head). But sure enough, I made progress. The more progress I made, the more I came to realise that shy bladder syndrome is much more treatable than some online comments I had read had led me to believe.

Overcoming paruresis made me realise that while the work must be put in (I don’t know of any magic pills), there are ways to ‘hack’ your psychology and physiology to make you more confident, relaxed and consistent with your actions.

My goal is to transmit that information to you.

To your success.

Paul Vásquez 

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If you give our program an honest try for 3 months and are still not satisfied with our materials tell us and we’ll provide a 70% refund. No questions asked. Simply email or requesting a refund.

The refund window is 3 to 4 months after purchase. This gives you enough time to try out the program.

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It’s time for you to take action. Simple as that. The longer you wait and engage in your coping mechanism, the more you are reinforcing the condition. When would you like to start making progress?

The Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint is your guide to help you crush this condition as soon as possible. If you really want to overcome this condition, the time is now.

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